Strategy & Innovation

With unprecedented capabilities to aggregate and analyze health risk informing data, it is critical that we put data and insights to work to solve healthcare’s hardest challenges. HealthDSG uses our strategic frameworks and analytic models to deliver business strategies, product plans, and intervention strategies built on deep contextual understanding data and root cause risk drivers.

HealthDSG Strategy & Innovation engagement examples:

  • Created an ER management program that triggers targeted interventions across multiple programs based on real time census data: double digit utilization reductions

  • Built operational and financial models to outsource care and utilization management for a Plan’s that reduced risk while improving outcomes

  • Designed and implemented a lower back pain intervention with behavioral interventions: reduced surgical interventions by 30%

  • Designed an intervention model that integrates behavioral health assessments, care plans and interventions into primary care practice workflows and reimbursement

  • Developed a metric for measuring how members move to and from periods of peak utilization which improved ROI models and program practices: 25% ROI lift