Medical, behavioral, social and delivery risk factors accumulate unevenly across population and delivery network segments.  Effectively identify and manage members and providers risk factors and you can achieve maximum cost and quality outcomes while optimizing revenues.  Failure to recognize and distinguish actionable from unmodifiable risk leaves you chasing symptoms and negative trends without ever getting to the root causes.

PERIscope (Population & Ecosystem Risk Insights) is a data-driven tool built on HealthDSG’s proprietary approach to identifying and weighting primary risk drivers. PERIscope is delivered by Health Data Science Group’s senior consulting team who use their expertise and decades of care management experience to lay out client specific imperatives for controlling medical expenses, closing quality gaps, raising return on administrative spend and meeting the expectations of members and patients.

  • Improve predictive models with behavioral risks and social determinants of health

  • Develop and use better segmentations, stratifications and population targeting

  • Deploy more actionable and intuitive views of population health KPIs

  • Manage to population health imperatives that drive P&L and strategic objectives