Service Delivery Excellence

Healthcare reform and expansion, deteriorating social determinants of health, increasing behavioral risk factors, and greater market and regulatory stressors on provider ecosystems, are driving higher population health risks that drive utilization and medical expenses. Realizing the Triple Aim is getting harder even as data assets and risk models improve.

Risk bearers need targeted interventions that document and mitigate risk; interventions that reduce root cause drivers of risk to avoid paying for the consequences of unmanaged risk. Deploying high value population health strategies requires investments beyond data acquisition and analysis. Highly effective organizations invest wisely in Capabilities, Technology, Processes and most critically, Culture.

HealthDSG works with clients to improve care delivery across the ecosystem based on our our expertise, best practice models, and data driven insights. Engagements include:

  • Audit and compliance readiness

  • Utilization and Care Management service design and transformation

  • Benchmarking and effectiveness improvement

  • Clinical operations planning and execution, including interim leadership